Eucalyptus, æterisk olie. 10 ml.

Duftolie, Eucalyptus 10ml. Til bl.a. duftlampe.

Eucalyptus essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Eucalyptus is commonly known for its refreshing scent, as well as expectorant and antiseptic effects.
Packed per 3 pieces, price is per piece.

This essential oil can be used in different ways:
- Evaporate with an Aromafume Oil Burner (art. no. 17954 and 17955)
- Diffuse with an Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser (art. no. 12340, 12341, 12343 and 12244)
- Evaporate with a soapstone oil burner (art. no. 15006, 15009, 15045, etc)
- Sprinkle a few drops on an Aroma stone (art. no. 0984, 0990, 0992, etc)

100% natural essential oil
Glass bottle 10 ml
For external use
Shelf life after opening: ± 2 years
Keep in a cool and dark place, out of the reach of children

49,00 kr.