The Tanja Jacket

Som eneforhandler i Danmark, er vi glade for at præsenterer:                        The Tanja Jacket.

 Hos os finder du UNIKKE modeller af The Tanja Jacket. Jakkerne er designet af svenske Tanja Kisker og syet af gamle indiske silke og bomulds sarier. Alle er specielt dekoreret med små finurlige detaljer.                                                                    Ikke 2 er ens. Alle jakker er vendbare, dvs. 2 jakker i 1.          Når vi siger UNIK, så mener vi det. 

                          Find udvalgte modeller i webshoppen.

About Tanja;

Swedish Fashion with a Touch of Ancient India
- beautifying and making us happier inside and outPick colours according to your own personality and how you wish to be perceived and feel inside. Affect your own mood and the mood of others positively. Spread some joy around you and show that you can make most of your dreams come true.
Tanja Kisker, the founder of Tanja Unlimited AB, often talks about the colours and fabrics that comprise her personally designed collections since such things as colours and fabrics influence us and our image of ourselves.
-"My garments are unique designs-pieces of art really to make us Scandinavians a little merrier and prettier", she says while letting her fingers run across hundreds of quilted Tanja jackets each of which features its own unique design and that can also be turned inside-out to give the wearer two different garments to choose from.
The garments and shawls are made of silk, cashmere/pure Pashmina and other high-quality fabrics.
-"It is a lof of fun to interweave my collections to let the same patterns reappear in cashmere shawls, silk blouses and jackets, handbags, art cushions, table cloths, bandanas, artistic cards and all other Tanja Unlimited products", she says showing parts of the new custom-tailored colour explosion displayed in her Formex booth A24:28.
Tales of Ancient Camel Quilts and Silk Saris
Tanja Kisker has left her heart in India - as well as in Sweden. Every tenth week, she takes off for one of her buying trips to meet with her tailors and coach them in their work. She does not engage in any tough negotiations with hardened sellers of textiles but rather a pleasant give-and-take with common folks in rural India. She purchases all fabrics, buttons and decorations herself-there is a lot of time and effort invested in every single tailor-made jacket.
Her fabrics tell their own unique story. The Indians who sell ancient camel quilts, baby blankets or saris to Tanja are pleased with and proud of the fact that their fabrics are put to such good use to make beautiful and colourful jackets wearing the Tanja label-a type of exclusive recycling!
Tanja also runs a charitable project at a Northern Indian school for deaf mute children. She has taught the older children to make hand-lettered signs with the help of her calligraphy lettering. As soon as they have completed their schooling, they can earn some money of their own! In addition, she engages in fundraising by selling paper bags created by the kids out of used magazines. Disabled children in India lead an incredibly tough life and the opportunity to make a living is a necessity in order to lead a dignified life.
Jackets, Shawls & Scarves, Cushions, Bandanas, Handbags, Tunics and Blouses...
A few facts about Tanja's fashion collections.
The Tanja Jacket:
Every single jacket is unique and bears its own name, such as Priyanka, Radhika or Damayanti. Tanja's tailors stitch them out of hand-quilted silk fabrics previously worn as saris by the women of Rajasthan, India. Buttons and decorations are individually selected by Tanja for every single jacket on her buying trips. Each and every Tanja jacket can be worn inside-out and has two different designs-you get two jackets for the price of one!
Scarves and Shawls:
New Ullita shawls that are works of art and each design is produced in only 25 copies. Besides, Tanja carries Sweden's largest assortment of unique high-quality scarves made of wool, silk and the finest cashmere/pure Pashmina.
Bandanas, cloth napkins or handkerchiefs...
Cotton scarves in fascinating tie & dye designs, coloured by hand a long time ago and each and every one is different. Set the table by using them as placemats or stash them into your party glasses, tie them around your head when you exercise or sunbathe, wear them around your neck or as a colourful accessory on your key chain or handbag.
Individually designed handbags:
A small collection of exclusive handbags for someone who wants to wear a bag owned by nobody else.
Tunics and Blouses:
Works of art designed with Ullita's floral patterns and Tanja's calligraphy lettering. Tunics are made of thin fabrics whereas blouses are made of thicker chiffon.
Match your couch at home with the help of cushions that are works of art featuring Ullita's watercolours and Tanja's lettering for fresh personal and innovative thinking!
Key Facts about Tanja's Collections
The garments are designed by Tanja at her Swedish studio. Thereafter, she personally buys, fabric by fabric, beautiful ancient Indian fabrics on location in India to fit into her fashion collection. She looks for buttons and accessory details which she delivers to her tailors and then coaches them in their work. She prefers to drive a Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc motorcycle but also gets around India by bus, jeep, camel, plane, train or Auto-Rickshaw depending on where she is heading.
Tanja prints fabrics made up of her own exciting designs; watercolours by her mother Ullita (Ulrika Kisker) and her own calligraphy lettering available on high-quality shawls and scarves, tunics, blouses, handbags and cushions.
For additional information regarding Tanja and her sparkling collections, please contact Tanja Kisker by dialing +46 (0)706-33 22 20.

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